#01 Penpal to Paypal
hkb Saar x weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

Penpal to PayPal is an experimental collaboration between hbk Saar and weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. Within only 12 weeks students and alumni develop products and services in mixed teams, – to share and enjoy with others and to sell them online.

But there is more to it than a webshop: We focus on cooperative e-commerce, including community aspects, networking and participation. We believe that the sum is more than its parts. Therefore Penpal to Paypal invites the participants to build relationships and to cross-promote each other’s products they like; including to act in common in the digital spheres. This way each participant enhances his/her online reach, and the collective establishes its own rules of governance. 

Directors / Ambassadors of “HOW?”

Sophia Pompéry, seeup@kh-berlin.de

Hannes Käfer, h.kaefer@hbksaar.de

Markus Spang, m.spang@hbksaar.de


The infrastructure for cooperative e-commerce was donated by: goldanger.de

Find all products and services here – buyable.


Do you also find exploitation and waste in the textile sector enough? Do we have to take action for the future of the earth?  Change our consumption!It is time for sustainable change with BÂTAR D’ESTE ... not tomorrow, but now and immediately - the future is now! The concept of BÂTAR D’ESTE is [MEMORIⒶVENIR] - Learning past creating future!

Our concept roots in the arts and craftsmovement. The bomber blouson "Tairyō-Bata" is the latest upcycling project (2021) by BÂTAR D’ESTE. "Tairyō-Bata" are original signal flags of seamen imported from Japan. The flags are handcrafted, printed and sewn in Japan by specialist artisans. Each flag is unique and therefore each of our bomber blousons is uniquely designed according to the pattern of the flag. Our bomber blousons are absolutely rare handcrafted items "Made in Japan" & "Further Made in Berlin" Our "Tairyō-Bata" collection is limited due to the nature of the material - no two jackets are the same.Our flag jackets set signals!You want to enjoy life with a good feeling. Wear fashion that is produced fairly and locally - BÂTAR D’ESTE: Act local, think global.


At BÂTAR D’ESTE we believe in a better future. Sustainable design doesn't have to be yesterday, sustainable design at BÂTAR D’ESTE is fresh, contemporary, contemporary, modern, urban, edgy, gender fluid, sexy and revolutionary. We upcycling vintage Japanese textiles that would otherwise be disposed of. Therefore, damage to the material, stains, color differences or other superficial bumps are completely normal and at the same time underline the authenticity. With this project, we are continuing to pursue the sustainability requirement enshrined in our manifesto.

BÂTAR D’ESTE It's not mass, but class!Enjoy without a guilty conscience!There is only a limited amount and each model is unique! All models are cut and made in our Berlin studio.We at BÂTAR D’ESTE are shaping the future now!
 Be a part of it!



DIY Download



Ohne Druck




Das Schmierhäft ist das Ergebnis langjähriger Erfahrung als Immer&Überall-Zeichner.
Kreativ sein kann man immer und überall. Theoretisch. Praktisch fehlt einem entweder ein Notizbuch oder der Mut darin auch unausgereifte Ideen/spontane Gedanken festzuhalten. Die Gründe dafür sind so unterschiedlich wie die Menschen selbst.

Das Schmierhäft lädt mit seinem einzigartigen Cover dazu ein, jeden kreativen Funken festhalten zu wollen. Mit einer ungewöhnlichen Bindung wird aus gewöhnlichen Materialien ein Skizzenbuch mit ganz eigenem Charakter. Durch die Fadenbindung an der offenen Seite erlaubt das Schmierheft auch Permanentmarker zu benutzen ohne, daß man befürchten muss, die Folgeseiten direkt mit zu benutzen.  (Diese Art der Buchbindung nennt man eigentlich “Japanische Bindung”, allerdings hat diese hier so viel mit edler japanischer Bindung gemein wie Teebeutel und Eiswürfel mit einer Teezeremonie.)

Möchte man ein Blatt heraustrennen kann man es einfach herauszureißen ohne, daß sich weitere Blätter herauslösen. Entschließt man sich die Inhalte einzuscannen, kann man die Bindung lösen und erspart sich die Nachbearbeitung der Schatten.
Alle Cover-Zeichnungen sind von mir selbst gemacht, ganz analog mit Kugelschreiber und Filzmaler auf Papier.

Wenn du mir über die Schulter blicken möchtest, folge mir auf Instagram! 
Zeig mir gerne auch deine Ideen über den Hashtag #schmierhäft

Cora Marin / Irina Valkova


As art educators, we often encounter students who, in spite of being very talented, feel rather anxious and unconfident when creating.
In such a fast-paced reality, it is not unusual to lose the capacity for subtle amusement and the lust to experiment. It's hard to find the time to get creative and, consequently, we become result-oriented when we do, and often forget to simply enjoy the process. 
We think the world would be a better place if more people would embrace their creative instincts, and do so without blocks and anxiety taking over. 

That’s why we joined forces and grounded card´o`thek, with the goal of awakening, tickling, and triggering your creativity in all possible ways.


As artists and human beings: We share the belief in the power of small moments, and in finding creative bliss in the mundane. We merge artistic expression with anthropology, philosophy, and pedagogics. We’re driven by a stubborn thirst to stay curious about the human condition. We find great solace and inspiration in nature and the active work with the kind-hearted people. We like the slow-paced (in life, in love, in art, in food...) better.

“The Creative Trigger Cards”

This set of 20 cards is our quintessential product. It consists of 20 exercises that will
trigger the most creative instincts of artists and amateurs alike.
Perfect as a conversation starter, as a dinner party game, as a warm up for a creative session, and to overcome every type of creative block.

Xenia Bogasch/ Anna Swagerman/ Dawood Dilawer


Sit back and let us create space for you. We are your guides during a 1 hour online inner journey. One-on-one we establish an online safe space where you experience undivided attention. With the help of images, you will be guided into an inspiring conversation, where we connect to topics that spark your imagination. We ask the right questions to broaden your horizon and you will leave the session feeling uplifted and spacious inside.

Katalin Pöge/Elias Klein


Künstler:innen sind Vollprofis für bewegliche, kreative und vor allem innovative Prozesse. Wenn Worte nicht mehr ausreichen, fächern wir deine Wahrnehmung mit einem kreativen Zugang auf. Wir krempeln deinen Blick um und bereichern dein Denken.

Alexine Chanel








Penpal to Paypal and back! Foster Parents looking for an artist to adopt for a year.

💥 A head full of ideas and a thousand directions?

As an artist, finding your way into the wide world without the protected space of - for example - an art school is an exciting yet daunting challenge. Who are you and what is your role in society? How are you supposed to finance your daily bread with art and idealism in mind? Believe me, we speak from experience. Do you want to learn from our experience? Then convince us to adopt you - for one year!

💥 Supported how?

We are 10 artists from different fields and countries. We got to know each other over the past three months, working together at the Penpal to Paypal Seminar. We focused on using our strengths and creativity to develop our projects more profitably.

For a whole year, we'll give you 5% of the sum of the group's revenue. However, money is not everything. We also offer you what money can't buy: A year of support, a place to sleep here, a studio space during your holidays there and our interest and our concentrated response and support when you need us. We stand by you in word and deed in your development.

💥 How do I apply?

To be honest, we originally planned to adopt a penguin, but then came the idea of adopting an artist, which seemed more relevant.

Convince us why this is a good idea. We want to get to know you, your work and what drives you! Please use our form (LINK) and send your application via e-mail to penpal@goldanger.de until 30th October 2021.

Participants and possible foster parents


Xenia Bogasch

Mein Name ist Xenia, ich studiere an der HBK Saar Media Art & Design.

Ich wollte mit Penpal ein Produkt/ eine Dienstleistung mitgestalten und zu Leben erwecken, - die eigene Kreativität austesten.

Ich liebe es verrückte Dinge auszutesten und der Kreativität freien Lauf zu lassen. Nicht um des Ergebnis Willen, sondern wegen dem Weg dahin. Deswegen würde ich es empfehlen. Ich biete an, Dich einmal aus dem Alltag frei zu schütteln.


Irina Valkova

Hi, my name is Irina Valkova. I am a Russian artist with quite a diverse international experience based on living and working in nine countries. Moving across the globe, I’ve always been interested in the notion of landscape, especially in the “-scape” part of it. I am curious how people of different cultural backgrounds perceive themselves in their natural settings and how the formulate these perceptions in word and pictures.My main crafts are painting, interview and choreography framed in the wide range of exhibitional settings. 

I feel absolutely happy being a part of Penpal to Paypal Project - because it shows me how the money can just be a trickling source of energy but never a goal in itself. Dear artist, I would like to offer you things that I can do best beyond art:*one hour of ballet class (no previous knowledge required)

*a proof that the city of Bielefeld does exist and a walk in Teutoburger Wald followed by a piece of local Thunderstorm cake.

*one hour of anti-age face fitness session

*any kind of advice of motherhood/parenthood

*or just a thorough feedback to your artistic workSo...don't hesitate and WELCOME!


Dawood Dilawer

Hello! My name is Dawood. I have a friend that spontaneously anglicized my name to David, which I now also respond to, in case that makes it easier for you to remember. 

I'm a student of media informatics. I like to cook and don't like eating alone, so you are welcome to enjoy a hot meal with me! Most of my interests lie in tech and working with my hands. I read about biotechnology, programming, interactive systems, UX design, psychology, philosophy and anything interdisciplinary. On the other hand, I love woodworking and have found myself zoning out to videos about it. I've tried my hand at leathercraft and was pleasantly surprised at the experience and versatility of it. I also like urban design and pop culture. (Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy anyone?). I'm not an expert in any of this, but know a little bit about many things and am always open to learning more. Why did I join penpal to paypal?It didn't feel like a regular course and mind you, it is not. It is true to its name. Literally.What do I have to offer you, you ask?I have been told I am a good listener. My self-esteem is in a pretty decent place these days so I will believe that! I try to truly listen to what the other person is saying and can sometimes come in handy in identifying a problem or at least discuss what could be the heart of the problem. I try to maintain a neutral, objective stance. So if you feel like you have something in common with me, it would be great to hear from you!


Rufus Kahn

Mein Name ist Rufus Kahn und nachdem sich mein adoptierter alter Kater bei uns daheim wohlfühlt, fühle ich mich bereit einen Schritt weiterzugehen. Dem zukünftigen Adoptiv-Artist biete ich einen Tag Kurzworkshop “Tiere zeichnen”, je nach Möglichkeit gerne auch vor Ort (Zoo, Tierpark, Ententeich). Je nach Wunsch gelegentlich auch konstruktives Feedback zu Arbeiten.

Ich bin Zeichner, Designer und Handwerker, kann von vielem Etwas und bin in keinem dieser Bereiche perfekt - Level 99 Bastler oder auch Diplom-Designer genannt.

Aktuell befinde ich mich im Meisterstudierendenstudium im Bereich “Media Art & Design” an der HBKsaar um mein Können in einigen dieser Bereiche auszuarbeiten; unter anderem im Kurs “Penpal to Paypal” um zu lernen wie man Dinge verkauft anstatt sie immer gegen andere Dinge zu tauschen. 

Rufus Kahn (Tinkerer level 99 aka Diplom-Designer; crazy cat guy; here to learn how to sell things instead of trading all time)

offers for the adopted artist:

- one-day workshop “Sketching animals”

- from time to time some constructive feedback if requested


Cora Marin

I'm Cora Marin, a multi-disciplinary artist and art educator with base in Berlin.

Curiosity brought me to Penpal zu PayPal (I had long been wondering about how to make creative endeavours profitable, and about whether or not one should aim for them to be) and, before I knew it, I had met a great partner to work with, and started a project I feel truly passionate about.

As an adoptive parent to an artist, I can offer the following:

Effective (and unlimited) resources and tips on how to get over professional rejections (paid 25€ you don't even have for an open call you didn't get and now feel like you're done trying? - I'm your go-to person)
An exhaustive guide to all the best art-book locations in Berlin (I'd probably come browse there with you, too)
Home-cooked soul food (guaranteed - where I come from, food is the most important form of art)
Long evenings of pseudo-philosophical conversations over wine (fun and rewarding at the time, though *be warned*: often followed by a remarkable hangover)


Stefan Teske

Hi, my name is Stefan.

After studies of business administration, law school and fashion design I accomplished my postgraduate studies in the interdisciplinary textile and surface design at Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin.

I am fascinated in creating sculptural textile objects, with the unusual subject of „jacket / coat“ since many years. The motif "jacket / coat" questions the ambivalence of convention between art / product, activity / passivity or inside / outside. From this perspective I recently started running my own business creating gender-fluid jackets and coats with a crafted approach in zero waste pattern cutting. For the Penpal to PayPal I created „Mottainai!“ upcycling crafted Japanese textiles into light summer jackets, called „Tairyō-Bata“.

To be part of the first Penpal to PayPal project made me very happy. An important part for me was the exchange when working with regular meetings, feedbacks and people from different backgrounds. It’s not always easy but it keeps you fresh in mind. I feel challenged to explore and find solutions in new fields with different creative minds together in a group.

For the adopted artist I can offer my textile crafting knowledge like crocheting, knitting, dying, embroidery and other experimental ways of textile and surface design or pattern construction 2D to 3D. Another offer is a huge knowledge in the field of costume art history.

Last but not least my interest in philosophical, metaphysical and spiritual questions leads me in this context to offer body flow tantric massage or aromatic chakra massage where everyone is invited to feel free, free of judgements and free of conventional boundaries: A touch of the body is a touch of the soul.


Katalin Pöge

My name is Katalin Pöge. I live and work in Berlin and on the internet as a project developer, trainer and lecturer. My speciality is to work with artistic interventions and creative methods in unrelated fields.

I think the world needs more processes to solve its problems instead of more great products. I came to the PenPal project with curiosity and the clear goal of developing one of my ideas in such a way that it can be bought with a [buy now button].

I have a lot to offer: a place to sleep with breakfast in Berlin, a good big network with specialists for almost everything (and always interesting jobs), my love and attention for what drives you, a portion of critical questions if you want to check something for substance, help with all questions about the development of your project.


Alexine Chanel

I'm a french visual artist (i'd say the emo-conceptual kind) living in Berlin since, well, ages. I’m a pretty lazy artist too: I content myself with asking questions, and maybe presenting the given answers. To sum up my philosophy, the solution lies in the eye of the beholder, I just tease a bit. 

I didn’t study art but graphic design, so my magic gift to you as Arty-Mutti is an hour of free design/communication coaching.


Elias Klein

Ich habe mich bei Penpal zu Paypal eingeschrieben weil ich Lust habe zu lernen wie ich eine Geschäftsidee umsetzen kann. 

Ich könnte einem adoptierten Künstler einen Abenteuerspaziergang in Berlin anbieten!


Anna Swagerman

My name is Anna Swagerman. I was born in Hoorn, in the north of the Netherlands. I have a background in psychology and use the media of photography, video and writing as a way to enter into a dialogue with people and places. A way to see and feel deeper into the outside and inside world. My work materializes organically, based on intuition and spontaneous encounters. At the moment I'm a graduate student at the art academy (KHB Weißensee) in Berlin.

I came to Penpal to Paypal because I'd like to experiment with bringing one of my creative projects in a direct way to the public.

What I have to offer to the adopted artist is my encouragement. I'm good at spotting the things that make someone (and his/her work) unique, and mirroring them back. So if you need some encouragement and a positive yet honest remark, I'm your person!

I tried to fit everything in an envelope. #PenpalToPaypal

Up for a next Penpal to Paypal pilot?

Don't be shy, get in touch!

KH-Berlin Weissensee
Bühringstrasse 20
13086 Berlin, Germany