about seekicks

how we want to change the world


entrepreneurship as studio practice

seekicks is a space for creative practitioners to shape and reflect on ventures that act to renew relationships between people and the planet. Together we create a framework that allows for experimentation and provides access to an international distributed network – of resources with people, places and projects.  

We work as collectives of people who share a common purpose and a willingness to learn from one another – with collective learning as a means for seeing and doing things from different perspectives together.  

By fostering connections of collective learning with regional and international actors, we develop cross-discipline and cross-regional collaborative learning spaces – to enable creative agency in navigating a complex and uncertain world.


work that shapes society

As creative practitioners we have the opportunity and the power to shape the world in multiple ways. We design processes, environments, things, systems and interactions – to name a few – and thus influence the way people perceive, access and move through the world. And through our choices of organizational structures, products, services and work ethics, we as creative practitioners, have the possibility to (re-)shape the economic system.

At seekicks we think of sustainability as a valuable framework for thinking about now and the future in which cultural , environmental, societal, economic and technological dimensions are balanced to improve quality of life for all. Because we believe that an understanding of the economy as being interconnected with these other domains provides unique opportunities for creative practitioners to contribute to transformative processes.


creative practice as agency

Our understanding of the role of arts and design in society is a transformative practice. In which collective creative practices can respond to complex challenges – through working  across-boundaries of culture, discipline, sector, place and beyond. 

It is about “new qualities of entrepreneurship”: primarily, moving away from the notion of the lone genius. A figure notorious in the culture and creative industry and in the start-up world and moving towards collective spaces where arts and design play a transformational role – to forge a better now and a better future together.