Liminal Spaces: Between the individual and collective

As new ways of working emerge after the last two years of unprecedented global events, new forms of entrepreneurship are needed to rethink and explore novel social enterprise and collaborative creative practices. It tasks you as creative practitioner, to develop sustainable transdisciplinary entrepreneurial skills for this new world ahead.

In this third edition of the start-up studio we address the potentials of shifting our individual to collective practices in the context of social transformation. It is a collaborative participant-led learning and research space where the process of creativity and design practices promote new forms of entrepreneurship. We are eager to explore with you the dynamics of these practices while productively working towards strategies that strengthen social cohesion. In the start-up studio we collaborate as a communities of practice(s). Over the course of six months, structured participant-lead sessions are produced in supportive and collaborative spaces, depending on the needs and opportunities of a particular cohort. Consequently, people joining the group will be asked to contribute to the collective with their own ideas, skills and expertise to work towards a collaborative environment where arts and design play a transformational entrepreneurial role.

The start-up studio is currently open to various participants: students, alumni, researchers, staff, career switchers from various disciplines and backgrounds, most of them asking for alternative economic models. We are looking for you to join our next start-up studio from October 15th 2022 – March 31st 2023.


Find further information on seekicks and the start-up studio in the application form. Please submit the application form by September 15th, 2022 via email to — subject matter „Application Startup Studio/name”.


seekicks is an experimental platform for new qualities of innovation and entrepreneurship at weißensee school of art and design berlin.

At seekicks we think of arts and design as transformative practices that shape our world. Our process is emergent and collaborative. Our thinking happens through making. And we develop communities of practice to engage in journeys of collective learning. We’ll be online soon!

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