Status June 2021 

How do I make a living from the things I am passionate about, the things I would like to change in the world – without going crazy! 

Status June 2021 | Story so far.

Building on pioneering projects – see Up and DesignFarmBerlin – »seeKicks« is fostering new programmes and partnerships for students, alumni, researchers to shape an innovation ecosystem that inverts the current logic of innovation! 

Status June 2021 | seeKicks: one that to …

  • foster creative practice as agency
  • to shape better everyday lives 
  • by working with others

Status June 2021 | Why, … creative agency!

Do you wonder why we keep trying to make things better through the frames that made them bad? 

Like, why is it we seem to find it easy to imagine new generations of technology, yet we struggle to imagine a better society …? Or why do we keep re-making old society hierarchies and beneficiaries …? How do we unlearn to relearn …? 

Status June 2021 | Building a network

These questions and many more are why we care about the work of bringing people, places and practices together – to unlock creative agency and shape better everyday lives in solidarity with others.

On the Go, just now: Start-up Studio

Start-up studio – a space to shape your »venture« that cares about people and planet, working in a supported peer environment – to get from I would like to – to I know how to. 

On the Go, just now: PenPal to PayPal - a collaboration with HBK Saar 

Experimenting with ‘economy’ as a creative process. Students and alumni at KHB and HBK Saar are working as pairs to make - rough products, services, experiences for an online shared platform where your stuff’ becomes "reality". - click here to know more …

in progress

Weißensee school of art & design - is a space for students, faculty, partners to embrace challenges with others nurturing imagination with social responsibility. To foster creative agency and entrepreneurial ambition through community-led professional development and support for all creative practitioners making positive social impact & innovation. 

Please reach out to us – with thoughts, questions, ideas on creating your future.

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