seekicks at weißensee school of art and design provides ‘spaces’ for navigating creative ventures in a complex and uncertain world.

How we do it:

Together we make a peer-to-peer environment, enabling experimenting and access to diverse networks and resources. Our approach is rooted in collaborative work, understanding of interconnectedness and a distributed community.

We are providing:

  • peer working: a space to chat, share, connect, fresh perspectives, practical input  
  • coaching: as needed to support taking next steps
  • connecting: to other players in the city, region and internationally / forming wider collaborative structures, communities, networks …

Building a network:

These questions and many more are why we care about the work of bringing people, places and practices together – to unlock creative agency and shape better everyday lives in solidarity with others.

Just short:

DesignFarmBerlin Anniversary and beyond

Pilot Projects: Start-up Studio

Start-up studio – a space to shape your »venture« that cares about people and planet, working in a supported peer environment – to get from I would like to – to I know how to. 

Pilot Projects: PenPal to PayPal - a collaboration with HBK Saar 

Experimenting with ‘economy’ as a creative process. Students and alumni at KHB and HBK Saar are working as pairs to make - rough products, services, experiences for an online shared platform where your stuff’ becomes "reality". - click here to know more …


Story so far:

Building on pioneering projects – see Up and DesignFarmBerlin – »seeKicks« is fostering new programmes and partnerships for students, alumni, researchers to shape an innovation ecosystem that inverts the current logic of innovation! 

Weißensee school of art & design - is a space for students, faculty, partners to embrace challenges with others nurturing imagination with social responsibility. To foster creative agency and entrepreneurial ambition through community-led professional development and support for all creative practitioners making positive social impact & innovation. 

Please reach out to us – with thoughts, questions, ideas on creating your future.

Don't be shy, get in touch!

KH-Berlin Weissensee
Bühringstrasse 20
13086 Berlin, Germany