seekicks x HBKsaar

education through collaboration? exploring possibilities of german education

EXIST, collaborative projects

The HBKsaar is the second art and design school, along with the weißensee school of art and design, to be awarded Exist Potentiale funding by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Actions.

We have found a strong partner for collaborative pilot projects across schools. This way, 3 projects could already be initiated last year, in the meantime also with points, a great benefit for the students.

With partly similar hurdles, we are in a strong outpouring and exploring what is possible for students. But the differences are also an exciting contrast. On the one hand, we have a small university in a small federal state with a manageable offer, and on the other hand, one in the capital with supposedly a lot of potential and opportunity.

Initial performance in both contexts stands out, especially in the field of art and design.



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