apply for start-up studio 4

Tackling challenges in cities – Skill building to address change in cities

We are looking for you to join our next start-up studio from May 15th 2023 – September 30th 2023. As new ways of working emerge after the last two years of unprecedented global events, new skills and new practices of entrepreneurship are necessary for this new world ahead.

In our latest prototype we started addressing collective skills in a form of collective learning. We are ready to make the next leap and focus in this call on a joint action in the city. 

Cities have been a magnet for many people in search of shelter, housing, jobs, better access to various services, education and entertainment. As a result we are living in ever expanding and overcrowded megapolises disrupted by traffic, construction and demographic development. 

Over six months you are invited to be part of the experimental group tackling a particular aspect in the city context of Berlin focusing on one of the challenges: balancing housing and natural spaces, new mobility networks in cities and diverse communities as drivers for social change.

You will be asked to contribute to the collective with your own ideas, skills and expertise to seize opportunities emerging through working with others. 

The seekicks team will accompany the collective with a continuous reflective process, input on the recent research in the field of collective methods and a necessary network into the city. 

As a result you will be able topromote collaborative creativity within a sustainable entrepreneurship space, develop creative research enterprise methods, communicate complex undertakings and develop collective approaches.

The start-up studio is currently open to students, alumni, researchers, staff, career switchers from various disciplines and backgrounds looking for alternative ways to contribute to enhancing our lives and environment.

further information

  • 6 months course
  • A two-day onboarding event in Berlin on April 20/21st, 2023 in the afternoon
  • Required participation in a collaborative research with other participants
  • Expert sessions (virtual) and group sessions (personal), each of them taking place biweekly 
  • Demonstration of the progress and results to the relevant stakeholders in the city

preliminary program

  • May: Onboarding & define the challenge with Simon Wöhr, »Manifest der freien Straße« on mobility and Ina Rathfelder (mrp) business consulting on communities
  • May: design sprint; defining activities and roles
  • June: demonstration in Eberswalde (HNEE); meeting participants of a DAAD program on SDGs
  • July: Exchange with Pratt Institute; meeting participants of Pratt Berlin summer program
  • August: Implementation
  • September: Work sessions towards demonstration
  • Oktober: Symposium

application form

Thank you for your interest! The application period has ended for now. There will be a next round in October, the application period is to be announced. Please mind that all cohorts have specific focuses and approaches, which will be relaunched with every call.