Penpal to Paypal

Penpal to PayPal is an experimental collaboration between HBKsaar and weißensee kunsthochschule berlin. Within just 12 weeks, students and graduates in mixed teams develop products and services to share and enjoy with others and to sell online.

But it's about more than a web shop: We focus on cooperative e-commerce, including community aspects, networking and participation. We believe that the sum is more than its parts. That's why Penpal to Paypal invites participants to build relationships and promote each other's products they like; also to act together in the digital spheres. In this way, each participant increases their online reach, and the collective sets its own rules for management.

seekicks x HBKsaar


Sophia Pompéry
Hannes Käfer
Markus Spang

process and reflection

Unlike many webshops, this project is a model for cooperative e-commerce. This means that the offer of the individual participants is given its own online channel and is expanded to include community aspects, networking and participation. In this way, the individual participants achieve a wider reach, while the group could set its own rules. The participants of the project have decided to donate 5% of their income and know-how to a good cause and to adopt an artist.

Applications will be accepted until 15 September: Click here for the joint website and the Adopt-An-Artist application process.



Ten students from HBKsaar and weißensee kunsthochschule berlin have developed products and services in the pilot project that can now be purchased here under the sales buttons.

Rufus Kahn


The Schmierhäft is the result of many years of experience as an always- and everywhere-drawer. The Schmierhäft is currently available in a handy DIN A5 format in 3 versions.

Cora Marin, Irina Valkova


As art educators, we often encounter students who are very talented but feel anxious and insecure about creating. The set consists of 20 cards, 20 exercises that stimulate the creative instincts.

Xenia Bogasch, Anna Swagerman, Dawood Dilawer

Create Space

A 1-hour one-on-one to stimulate the imagination and expand one’s horizons in a safe online space. 

Katalin Pöge, Elias Klein


Artists are full professionals for agile, creative and above all innovative processes. You need a different perspective? We turn your view upside down and enrich your thinking.

Alexine Chanel


GRROOM! is a pool of professional graphic designers, interior designers and copywriters whose expertise you can buy here.